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The South Bay Interior Designers
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When it comes to interior design, the possibilities are endless, especially in regards to the variety of materials and finishes that are available. If you aren’t really sure of what your style is or are hesitant about emerging trends, Tamra Blair Interior Design can help you find your personal flair and guide you through the décor process.

Trends come and go so even if you’ve previously hired an interior designer and feel satisfied with your space; if it’s been well over ten years since you last redecorated it is probably time for a new look. More often than not, beautiful homes are completely destroyed by outdated styles. An interior designer will make sure that your household doesn’t look like it is stuck in the past but they will also hold on to the good aspects as well. It will be a perfect fusion!

Tamra Blair Interior Design Services

Tamra Blair Interior Design services includes professional sourcing, a selecting process that allows you to choose from many design possibilities when it comes to: finishes for floor, walls, ceilings and other elements. This includes everything from cabinetry to lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures. With so many products on the market and a vast array of styles available, Tamra will help ensure that your design project will result in a balanced as well as beautiful interior design. Her creative and qualified team provides you with the finest craftsmanship there is to offer.

Balanced Interior Design

Choosing the right materials and finishes means the difference between a haphazard and hastily put together look and one that is unified and visually striking. Tamra Blair Interior Design chooses from a wide range of options that include:

  • Color and paint selection
  • Floor coverings
  • Wall covering
  • Laminates
  • Stains and varnishes
  • Filling for couches and cushions
  • Fabrics and textures
  • Metal and other finishes
  • And much more

Sustainable Interior Design Finishes

Tamra Blair Interior Design works closely with you to ensure that your materials and finishes are practical, easy to care for, visually appealing and work well for your lifestyle. She also looks for materials and finishes that are as environmentally sustainable as they are functional and stylish.